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Investments in modern technic are investments in enterprise efficiency

Thus, in March this year the vehicle fleet of AgroIvanivka, which is a part of Agricom Group, has been enriched...


Three years of Mi-Agro elevator complex: how that all began

The decision to start construction was made on February 19, 2012, and in March already the first cars with...


Products of TM “Dobrodiya” has become more accessible

Dobrodiya Foods Trading House is successfully expanding the territory of sales of packaged products of the cereal and flour-grinding...


New products of trade mark “Dobrodiya”

Feel Benefits of new products of trade mark “Dobrodiya” Take advantage of breakfast with oatmeal! “Dobrodiya” continues to replenish...


Day of agricultural worker

 On the 15th and 16th of November 2014, agricultural producers celebrated their professional holiday – Day of Agricultural Worker!...


The celebration of the 15th anniversary SOOO AF Zakotnenskaya”

Launch of a modern high-tech automated line Sveba-Dahlin for the production of loaf-like breads with a capacity of 24...


Agricom Group presented gifts to students of Krizske

On October 23, 2014, in Markivka district of Luhansk region the management of Orion LLC that is a part...


Modernization of the Elevator

Commissioning of the modernized elevator of OOO PCF Mi-Agro with a capacity of 40 thousand tons.


Silage bags

Silage bags are the bags for grain that can reach the length of 60 m and are the modern...


Acquisition of JLLC AF “Zakotnenskaya” and increase of the land bank to 20 thousand hectares

Acquisition of JLLC AF “Zakotnenskaya” and increase of the land bank to 20 thousand hectares.