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Implementation of innovations in the operations of all the areas of the Agricom Group’s activity is one of the highest priorities of the Group.


From the moment of incorporation, we have set an ambitious strategic goal to gain full control over all the business operations and divisions of diversified and geographically fragmented group of companies with well-balanced function allocation between enterprises and the managing company.


Today Agricom Group has implemented the complex expert agricultural business management system FieldBI, AgroTop system providing remote control over the production processes in agricultural business, and AutoBI – an online instrument for effective management of vehicle fleet, accounting of spare parts and accessories, monitoring of penalty charges, insurance policies, etc.

As a result, today the company has the latest automated corporate management system covering all the stages of management: strategic and tactic planning, accounting of actual operations and powerful instrument of business analysis.


Thanks to the modern technologies through the last years we have significantly increased the effectiveness of our enterprises, reduced our costs, minimized influence on the non-renewable natural resources and the entire ecology, and also have raised the general level of transparency of decision-making in the company for both external and internal communication.


As of today, Agricom Group have reached the level of “enterprise-in-smartphone” when the executive can control all the processes in factories and in the field with his cell phone. 


Besides the crop farming Agricom Group implements innovations in other areas, including the production of food staples, its packing, distribution and online retailing and brand promoting through the social networks. In particular, the flakes and cereal factory is one of the most innovative and modern in Europe. The production process there is controlled only by two employees. 


Agricom Group also plans to implement the latest technologies for the future and is opened to cooperation for innovations.