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Own Brands

ТМ “Dobrodiya” and ТМ San Grano are among the leaders in producing oat flakes in Ukraine. 

The brands are represented by more than 30 commodity items including oat flakes, cereals, ready-to-serve portioned staples, food boxes, super-foods and others.

Our production complex is located in the Chernihiv region and is one of the most powerful modern enterprises for the production of various types of cereals, mixtures of cereals and cereals in Europe. The researches made by the leading European laboratories showed that the “Dobrodiya” flakes keep the valuable complex of macro- and microelements and vitamins.

For production of the oat flakes we use the high-tech equipment of the world-known manufacturer “Bühler”. The important advantage of the ТМ “Dobrodiya” and “San Grano” is that thanks to the innovation technologies used we save up to 95% of the grain healthiness. 

ТМ “Dobrodiya” and “San Grano” are represented in the biggest national retailers in all the regions of Ukraine and are also exported to 39 countries of the world (EU, USA, Brazil, China, Asia, Africa, Israel, India and others).