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To provide the customers with high-quality, healthy and affordable food staple cultivated on Ukrainian fields and produced on the high-tech Ukrainian enterprises.


Loyalty and respect

Each member of the Agricom Group team shall recognize the rights of other people, understand and feel their interests, particulars of their convictions and aspirations. Based on the loyalty and respect the mutual understanding shall be achieved, being the key factor in building the teamwork of Agricom Group. Only respecting the other people, we could find the vector to the consonance and evolution.


Implementation of new instruments and processes enables Agricom Group to be innovators and to be well on our way to innovations. Promotion of innovations gives us an opportunity to work faster, effectively and in high quality manner. We implement the sustainability principles to reduce the influence on the environment and to improve the quality of our products.


Agricom Group team’s activity is based on the integrity, transparency and fairness. We rely upon each other and we strive to our collective success.


In Agricom Group we are sure that high achievements of our teammate shall multiply the efficiency and evolution of the whole company. We invest efforts to achieve maximal result at minimal expenditure of time and resources.


Complexity of our experience and knowledges of each Agricom Group teammate create the general potential for the company’s development. We understand that the evolution gives us the opportunity to bring forward things that seem impossible today, assuming that we are working as a team respecting and trusting each other.