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The history of Agricom Group started in 2013. Since than we managed to build successful agro-industrial group cultivating high-quality primaries and producing the tastiest cereals, flakes and breakfast cereals under the “Dobrodiya” and “San Grano” brand names.


  • Swiss company Interelec SA had purchased more than 25% of Agricom Group.
  • The construction of second stage of the cereals, flakes and cereal breakfasts manufacturing plant in Chernihiv region had been scheduled. 
  • The construction of the dryer and cleansing complex in the Zhytomyr cluster had been started. 
  • The 5-year development strategy of the Group including investments in amount of USD 20 million had been adopted. 
  • The “Power and Money” magazine has awarded the TM “Dobrodiya” oat flakes factory TOP-25 rating of the most important investment projects carried out in Ukraine.
  • According to the rating of the “Power and Money” magazine, Agricom Group entered the TOP-50 of the best companies in Ukraine at the end of 2021.


  • The most successful financial year of the company – Agricom Group had renewed its profitability record. 
  • The factory had achieved the 100% engagement of the capacity.
  • New technologies of precision farming (differentiated seeding, differentiated fertilization and others) had been successfully brought into use.
  • Peak yielding capacity had been achieved in each cluster.


  • In order to optimize the land fund enterprises “Orion” and “Miaterra” had been sold. 
  • The increase of the irrigated land to 460 hectares.
  • The mobile seed producer “Fadeevo” had been purchased. 
  • Nominee of the “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” rating in the “Powerful Growth” nomination.
  • According to the AgroHub ratings Agricom Group had become one of the TOP-5 of the most innovative agricultural holdings of Ukraine.


  • The most powerful in Europe fully automated manufacturing complex for cereal flakes and their downstream products had stared its work in Chernihiv region.
  • Agricom Group entered Top-10 of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex employers.
  • Nominee of the “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” rating in the “Vertical Integration” nomination.


  • Production of cereals under the “Dobrodiya” brand name had been commenced.
  • The irrigation system of 300 hectares of the Bilokurakyne cluster (Luhansk region) had been recovered. 
  • Nominee of the “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” rating in the “Own Processing” nomination.


  • The land fund of the Group increased to 35 thousand hectares with the lands on the border of Rivne and Zhytomyr regions. 
  • Commencement of construction of the powerful cereal flakes production complex in Chernihiv region. Enterprises “Miaterra”, “Kolos”, “Lany Polissia” had been purchased.
  • Investments in amount of USD 14 million had been raised for the further development.
  • Nominee of the “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” rating in the “Development of Infrastructure” nomination.


  • Chernihiv cluster had been purchased (9,5 thousand hectares). 
  • “Krasne-Invest” enterprise and “Agrofirma Ivanivka AG” had been purchased.
  • The reconstruction of the first line of the granary complex with capacity of 22 thousand tons had been finished in Chernihiv region.
  • The new brand name “San Grano” had been launched.
  • Nominee of the “Agrarian Elite of Ukraine” rating in the “Own Brand Name” nomination.


  • Upgraded granary “VGF Mi-Agro” with capacity of 40 thousand tons had been placed in operation in the village of Bilokurakyne (Luhansk region).
  • Agrofirm “Zakotnenska” had been purchased. The land fund of the Group increased to 20 thousand of hectares. 


  • Agricom Group had been incorporated. It was composed of “Progress”, “Zarya” and “Partner” enterprises.