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Graine Storage

The “Grain Storage” activity of Agricom Group is represented by two granaries in the Bilokurakyne and Chernihiv clusters. The total storage capacity of the Group is 63 thousand tons.

In 2021 in Zhytomyr the cleansing complex with capacity of 500 tons per day have been put into the operation.

Granary of Bilokurakyne cluster (“Mi-Agro”) with total storage capacity of 41 thousand tons comprises operational line of grain inlet, processing, cleansing, drying, storing and offloading with flexible coupling of rhythm and efficiency of all the machinery and warehouse, designed for receiving the grain from the lorries, its cleaning, storing in silos and offloading into vehicles.



The production technology of receiving and offloading of the grain ensures stability of its characteristics and excludes the deterioration of its quality during the storage, possible sprouting and heating. Each incoming and outgoing lot of grain passes through the laboratory control. 


To maintain the storing of high-quality grain our factory screens suits of metrics of the incoming feedstock and depending from the results we accept the primary produce or return it to the supplier.


The pest control is based on sanitary measures on strict sanitary conditions in all production lines and careful control over the contamination of the grain for storing.


Granary of Chernihiv cluster has the capacity of 22 thousand tons. Besides the silo the complex includes certified laboratory, technological line of receiving, cleaning and drying of cereals, legumes and oilseeds.


Reconstruction of the granary had been performed on the base of the precedently unprofitable enterprise merged by the Chernihiv cluster of Agricom Group in 2014.  

Grain Trading

The core target of the “Grain Trading” area is the wholesale sale of agricultural primary products grown by our own enterprises and bought on the internal market. The main crops are wheat, oat, maize and sunflower.  



All the products pass the quality control in the modern laboratories and are stored in the Group’s granaries. 


The partners of Agricom Group in this area are the leading Ukrainian and foreign companies and the representative offices of international corporations in Ukraine. 


The geography of commerce is not limited by the territory of Ukraine and the feedstock is exported to the near abroad.