Leader in farming of gluten-free oats and production of derivative products under TM "Dobrodiya" and "San Grano".

The land fund of the Group consolidates 28 thousand hectares in Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Luhansk regions. The traditional for the said regions croppers like wheat, oat, sunflower, maize grow on the lands cultivated by the company. All the primary produce passes quality control in modern laboratories and is stored in our own granaries.

Thanks to modern technologies in the recent years, we have substantially increased the efficiency of the main kinds of activities of our enterprises, we also have reduced operating costs and minimized influence on the natural non-renewable resources and on the entire ecology.


This area is represented by the cereal flakes and their derivatives factory.

Crop Farming

The main aim of Agricom Group in the "Crop Framing" area is the profitability leadership in the presence regions in farming agricultural crops through implementation of modern technologies.

Storage and grain trading

Reliable partner in storage and sales of its own and third parties' products.


The Group constantly makes investments into the modern technologies and implements modern approaches to the agricultural business.


hectares in cultivation
million of US dollars invested
million US dollars invested in the factory
countries of the world to export the products of the Group
member of Top-5 of the most innovative agroholdings of Ukraine

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  1. Agricom Group had been incorporated. It was composed of "Progress", "Zarya" and "Partner" enterprises.

  2. Chernihiv cluster had been purchased (9,5 thousand hectares). "Krasne-Invest" enterprise and "Agrofirma Ivanivka AG" had been purchased. The reconstruction of the first line of the granary complex with capacity of 22 thousand tons had been finished in Chernihiv region. The new brand name "San Grano" had been launched. Nominee of the "Agrarian Elite of Ukraine" rating in the "Own Brand Name" nomination.

  3. The land fund of the Group increased to 35 thousand hectares with the lands on the border of Rivne and Zhytomyr regions. Commencement of construction of the powerful cereal flakes production complex in Chernihiv region. Enterprises "Miaterra", "Kolos", "Lany Polissia" had been purchased. Investments in amount of USD 14 million had been raised for the further development. Nominee of the "Agrarian Elite of Ukraine" rating in the "Development of Infrastructure" nomination.

  4. Production of cereals under the "Dobrodiya" brand name had been commenced. The irrigation system of 300 hectares of the Bilokurakyne cluster (Luhansk region) had been recovered. Nominee of the "Agrarian Elite of Ukraine" rating in the "Own Processing" nomination.

  5. The most powerful in Europe fully automated manufacturing complex for cereal flakes and their downstream products had stared its work in Chernihiv region. Agricom Group entered Top-10 of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex employers. Nominee of the "Agrarian Elite of Ukraine" rating in the "Vertical Integration" nomination.

  6. In order to optimize the land fund enterprises "Orion" and "Miaterra" had been sold. The increase of the irrigated land to 460 hectares. The mobile seed producer "Fadeevo" had been purchased. Nominee of the "Agrarian Elite of Ukraine" rating in the "Powerful Growth" nomination. According to the AgroHub ratings Agricom Group had become one of the TOP-5 of the most innovative agricultural holdings of Ukraine.

  7. The most successful financial year of the company – Agricom Group had renewed its profitability record. The factory had achieved the 100% engagement of the capacity. New technologies of precision farming (differentiated seeding, differentiated fertilization and others) had been successfully brought into use. Peak yielding capacity had been achieved in each cluster.

  8. Swiss company Interelec SA had purchased more than 25% of Agricom Group. The construction of second stage of the cereals, flakes and cereal breakfasts manufacturing plant in Chernihiv region had been scheduled. The construction of the dryer and cleansing complex in the Zhytomyr cluster had been started. The 5-year development strategy of the Group including investments in amount of USD 20 million had been adopted.