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Sustainable development and Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the national agro industrial group Agricom Group is agreed with and controlled by the common Objects and Strategy of the Company. Based on the concept of Sustainable development, Agricom Group realizes that only way to meet the demand of modern society is to help coming generation to satisfy their needs. We believe that our duty is to operate socially responsible and to optimize the improvement of living conditions of the society, the country, our employees and partners, as well as to take care of the environment and we willingly undertake  such obligations.

CSR of the national agro-industrial group Agricom Group is the variety of principles introduced at all levels of the company according to basic strategy:


Ethical conduct, which includes the following:

• Conduction of fair advertising campaigns,

• Responsible marketing and PR-communications,

• Responsibility to employees,

• Cooperation with local communities,

• Cooperation with suppliers and partners,

• Cooperation with trade unions.


Visibility of decisions and work performance of Agricom Group, which have an impact on:

• local communities,

• employees,

• surroundings and the environment.


Accountability and openness before controlling authorities:

• responsibility for compliance with laws and regulations,

• voluntary product quality certification,

• voluntary independent due dil.


Open conversation with all concerned parties, such as:

• consumers,

• local communities,

• local authorities,

• employees,

• investors

• shareholders

• partners

• Media,

• suppliers,

• Government,

• non-governmental organizations


Reduction of the environmental impact, which includes:

• non-consumptive use of non-renewable natural resources,

• introduction of energy saving technologies,

• reduction of environmental pollution.