Mr. Petro Melnyk becomes the President of the UABC

On November the 30th, the “Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club” association (UABC) announced a new presidium for the next two years and elected new leaders.

According to the decision of the overwhelming majority of UABC members (over 94%), Petro Melnyk, co-owner and CEO of “Agricom Group”, was elected President. Kateryna Rybachenko, General Director of “Agro-Region” company, became the Vice-President.

Petro Melnyk will replace Alex Lissitsu, the founder of the Ukrainian Agrarian Business Club.

“UABC today is more than just an association. It is a community that has a significant impact on the Ukrainian agro-industrial sector. Therefore, our focus does not change. We plan to develop the Club, establish business contacts between agro-community leaders and international companies that are members of the association. We also will continue to do our best to highlight their interests and build a dialogue with public authorities. This all should promote the development of the agro-industrial sector and increase its effectiveness,” said Petro Melnyk.

Besides, the further improvement of the land reform and solution of the problem of rise of the fertilizer prices in Ukraine remain among the tasks facing the UABC.