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Victory Day at Chernigov Cluster

Victory Day at Chernigov Cluster

On the 9th of May 2015 the communities of Chernihiv dictrict in such villages as Skorinets, Zolotinka and Krasne celebrated Memorial Day and Victory Day over fascism in the Second World War. The official establishment and the representative of the national agro industrial group Agricom Group took part in festive events. As a matter of fact, Agricom group does not stand apart from the events important for local people and it actively joins in social and cultural life.

At 10 o’clock on the 9th of May the local community of Krasne village gathered near Monument to soldiers from Krasne died during the Second World War. The festive event was opened by the village head Maslyuk Vitaliy Oleksandrovych, who congratulated the audience and made a speech. Vitaliy Oleksandrovych addressed the audience with the words: “We are children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of warrior winners; we remember the outstanding victory of our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers. The disaster of the Second World War affected not only our village, district, region, country. Events of 1939 -1945 are the tragedy for a lot of countries all over the world. And everybody’s purpose is to do everything possible to prevent such tragedy; to let people, who live on land, work on it, cultivate it, and raise their children”.

During his speech, the village head thanked the local enterprise “Agrofirma Ivanovka AG”, represented by Bursuk Vasil’ Mykolaevych,  for financial assistance in an amount of 30 000 UAH, which was provided by the associated company of the farming company – Agricom Group. Owing to these means the monument above the graves of soldiers, who died in Krasne during the Second World War, was renewed. Besides, these means will help to renovate the obelisk to died soldiers from Krasne. Also war veterans of local community and other villages of Chernihiv district were given a pecuniary aid.

As a part of congratulations local schoolchildren recited poetry dedicated to the memory of the victims and remembered by name every fellow villager whom Krasne lost in 1941-1945. 

Bursuk Vasil’ Mykolaevych, the representative of the national agro industrial group Agricom Group, congratulated the local community on the holiday on behalf of the company and promised to make all possible for its prosperity and development in future.

After the official part, father Sergey, the beneficiary of Praskovia Pyatnitsa church in Krasne, served requiem.

The celebration of Victory Day was held in warm family atmosphere in Krasne village.

Except local people, the festivity was visited by the member of regional authorities, Bekonya Sergiy Fedorovych, who is the native of Krasne.

The direct involvement of Agrofirma Ivanovka proved once again the seriousness of intentions of Agricom Group as for approval of the communities, where it works.