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  • Agricom Group invests $ 1 million in innovation

Agricom Group invests $ 1 million in innovation

Taranis allows you to use artificial intelligence to collect and analyze data on the crop conditions of a company. Getting high-quality images takes less than 2 days, with which agronomists get a picture of the state of the stairs, the presence of pests and problem areas. The executive director of Agricom Group, Peter Melnik, noted that it took a month to implement the system, during which time the first results on winter crops were obtained. Later the program will be included in the motivation of employees. The program itself will be adapted to the peculiarities of Ukrainian cultures for 3 years.

“Investment in Taranis was returned through logistics, results from accurate weather forecasts and savings on fertilizers and plant protection products in just 2 months. In the very Taranis invested $ 100 thousand, ”- said Peter Melnik.

The company will expand irrigated areas to 500 hectares, as well as focus on production efficiency per hectare.