Grain Trading

Grain Trading

The grain trading department is a structural subunit

of the national agro-industrial group Agricom Group

the main activities goal of which is wholesale

distribution of the agricultural raw. 

The company has solid capacities for the grain crops purchase and sale operations and provides trading operations with the raw both planted by the own Group’s enterprises and purchased on the domestic market. The leading Ukrainian and foreign companies as well as representative offices of the international corporations in Ukraine are Agricom Group’s reliable partners in this field. The geography of sales is not limited with the territory of our country only as the department specialists provide the raw to the neighboring countries as well.


The grain trading department deals mostly with sales of grain and oil crops, cultivated on the fields of Group’s enterprises. Wheat, oat, maize and sunflower take the key place here. Oil flax own production is sold as well. The entire raw undergoes the quality control at the up-to-date laboratories of Agricom Group and is stored in Group’s graineries, equipped in accordance with the world agricultural standards. In general, about 70% of the raw that is sold by the grain trading department is produced by Group’s enterprises. 


Agricom Group also purchases oat, wheat and maize from its reliable partners, inspecting the quality of the raw thoroughly and providing it with the best conditions of storage as well. As a result, the Group offers the widest range and high quality of grain crops on a regular basis. The direction of grain trading for Agricom Group is an essential part of its activities as well as the possibility to guarantee 100% quality of its raw.