Trade House

Trade House

The Objects and the strategy of the national agro-industrial group Agricom Group in the direction of Trading House are the leadership achievement in distribution of the food products, produced from the grain crops, via steady enrichment of the line of products with the use of raw, cultivated by Group’s enterprises, and the territorial extension of its presence on the national market.

Trading House «Dobrodiya Foods» is a young focus area of the agro industrial group “Agricom Group”. The main scope of its activity is the realization of grocery-ware under its own trademark “Dobrodiya”. «Dobrodiya Foods» sales such products: wide range of flour, cereal flakes, cereal mixes. High quality, neutrality and safety are the key aspects of products under TM “Dobrodiya”, which are given the ultimate attention.

Trading House «Dobrodiya Foods» is:

-  monitoring provision of storage and sales of products;

- effective logistics and high service level;

- clear and complete price and territorial policy (cooperation with large distribution companies);

- commitment to long-term and   mutually beneficial relations with the best retailers such as:  Ashan, Novus Ukraine, Karavan, Billa, Metro Cash and Carry, Eko, Evrotek, Simpatik, Mega Market, Brusnichka, Tavriya B, Varus, Kray, Velyka Kyshenia;

- regular deep market monitoring and searching of potential markets;

- existence of long-term development strategy of ТМ «Dobrodiya», active marketing and trade marketing support.

     Consumer opinion is the priority for us. That is why we improve the existing
recipes all the time, develop new range of products, continuously improve and modernize the manufacturing process, look for new solutions and successfully introduced them.