Crop Growing

Crop Growing

Crop growing  as one of the activities direction of Agricom Group has the highest dynamics of development. Currently the Group’s enterprises cultivated 40,000 hectares of agricultural lands, which are divided into three clusters:

  • - Bìlokurakino,
  • - Rivne,
  • - Chernihiv.

The Objects and the strategy of the national agro-industrial group Agricom Group in the field of Crop Growing are the leadership in the agricultural sector by the criteria of internal growth on the lands and of new production clusters opening via increase of the quality and quantity indicators of the production, produced by Group’s enterprises.

      In Belokurakino, Markivka, Novopskov and Troitske disticts the traditional for the region wheat, sunflower and rye are grown. The elevator complex with storage capacity of 41,000 tons of grain works successfully in the town of Bìlokurakino.

     Chernihiv cluster is represented on the territories of Karkhivka, Kiyinka, Krasne, Ladynka, Mykhaylo-Kotsyubynske, Radianska-Sloboda, Seredynka, Sloboda, Starobilouske, Shestovitsa and Mnyov villages in Chernihiv region. Wheat, rye, oats, corn and sunflower are planted here.

     The main goal of Agricom Group in the crop growing is leadership in the region in the effectiveness of crop production through the introduction of advanced technologies (for example, accurate and eco-friendly crop growing), as well as strengthening the team spirit among employees. At the same time, the considerable part of investments is directed to support the social and economic development of the areas with Agricom Group’s farmlands.

     Crop growing direction includes the following companies:

  • Progress

  • Partner

  • Orion

  • Dawn

  • Zakotnenskaya

  • AgroIvanivka AG

  • Krasne-Invest

  • Agrobioz

  • ​Polissky Kray

  • Kolos

  • Urojay 2013

  • Miaterra

  • Korets Agro Trade

  • Pershiy Agrostandart

      About 350 specialists are working on the enterprises of this direction.