Personnel policy

Personnel policy of the national agro-industrial group Agricom Group is based on the principles of:


•        consistency and entirety that provides the mutual connection of all human resources systems. The internal personnel resource from specialists of all enterprises is of general-purpose use and doesn’t depend on the geography of the structural department.


•        social responsibility for provision of working environment of good quality and the social package, depending on the competences.


•        strategic approach to the personnel policy that is directed at implementation of the general Company’s Strategy and is focused on business development.


•        differentiation that provides division of the employees on the categories, depending on the competences:

  • top management
  • department managers
  • specialists
  • workers.

•        commitment  to the leading world experience that provides introduction of the latest and efficient technologies in human resources.


•        openness and transparency as the personnel policy standards are the single for all Group’s enterprises.


•        law that provides following all necessary legislative documents, bylaws, current legislation and the Constitution of Ukraine.