Elevators direction of the Agricom Group is introduced with two elevator complexes that are located at the Chernihivskiy and Bilokurakinskiy Clusters of the company.

Total storage capacity - 63000 t.

Elevator complex of Bilokurakinskiy Cluster - Mi-Agro Ltd., that is the certified cornhouse for storage and procurement of big grain lots for long periods of time, for its conditioning.
The elevator complex with storage capacity 41,000 tons volume consists of the technological belt conveyor for receiving, processing, cleaning, drying, storage and grain shipment, with a flexible connection between the rhythm and productivity of all machines and mechanisms, and the storage bin for grain receiving from the auto transport, cleaning, storage in silos and shipment by automobile transport.
The elevator equipment enables to do the following operations:
- grain receiving from the auto transport by two streams with productivity of 120 tons per hour and that provides receiving of 2,500 tons per day;
- grain cleaning on two dethrashers “in stream” with the productivity of 100 tons per hour;
- grain drying on the aggregates for grain drying of ZSh-1500 type with the productivity up to 100 tons per hour;
- shipment to the auto transport by two streams with the productivity of 120 tons per hour.
The technology of grain receiving and shipment provides the stability of its qualities, excludes the worsening of quality indicators while storing, the possibility of sprouting and fire-fanging.


Each lot of the raw that is delivered and the grain that is shipped goes through the laboratory control. The laboratory that is equipped with a moisture meter, a doser, test mills, an identifier of gluten deformation, weighers, a fall times meter, drying boxes, take part in control over temperature and moisture of the grain that is stored and processed.
In order to provide storage of healthy grain the enterprise provides receiving control over the raw by the complex of criteria and in accordance with the results its receiving or return to one, that is delivering it, is implemented.
The basis for farm pest control is the sanitary and preventative measures that are presented with compliance with strict sanitary regime at all work sites and close control over the state of degree of infection of the grain that is delivered for storing. During decade pauses all the equipment and the air delivery systems are cleaned from dust and raw remains.

Elevator complex of Chernihivskiy Cluster with the storage capacity of 22,000 tons is located in the urban-type settlement Mykhailo-Kotsyubynske in Chernihiv region. Except the granary, the complex consists of a certified laboratory and a processing line of receiving, cleaning and drying of grain crops, bean cultures and oilseeds.
Reconstruction of elevator complex was executed based on a previously unprofitable enterprise, which became a part of the Chernihiv cluster of Agricom Group in 2014. Implementation of large-scale project started at the beginning of this year as a part of a company strategy to improve the efficiency of сultivation and storage of crops and to provide the region with an internal development. The commissioning of the second stage of the project is scheduled for May 2016.