Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Petro Melnyk


Rivne Economic and Humanitarian Institute (Demianchuk International University “REHI”, Rivne) – Business Finance

University of Sheffield – Ex. MBA,

Chartered Management Institute – CMI,

Experience: over 10 years of organization and management of holdings financial function, holdings operational management.

Industries: agriculture, dairy products industry, poultry breeding, meat processing, management consulting, FMCG

Chief Financial Officer

Larysa Makarchuk


Kyiv National Economic University (Kyiv) – Banking

Cherkasy State Technological University (Cherkasy) – Finance

Experience: 15 years of experience in finance management of both separate legal entities and holdings; organization of corporate financial service; development and introduction of single corporate accounting policy; standardization of financial accounting; development and implementation of financial and managements statements procedures in accordance with IFRS; development of single budgeting system; business planning of new projects.

Industries: agriculture, development, auto business, transportation services.

Security Director

Oleksiy Chursyn

The head of the Avena HEAD

Iryna Broslavtseva


Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Odessa) – a production engineer of food industry (grains and cereal products technology).

PhD. in Engineering Science

Experience: management of enterprise manufacturing and business, financial and economic activities, provision of all structural subdivisions, divisions and production units interaction, management of staff of over 1,000 employees, projects development, put into operation of food industry items.

Industries: food (groceries, bakery and confectionery)  

Head of Elevators Direction

Vasyl Mitin


Luhansk National Agricultural University (Luhansk) – agricultural science

Experience: development of agricultural production, control of all agricultural production processes, introduction of new technologies in the field of crop growing, procurement and storage of fodder.

Industries: agriculture, crop growing

Head of Belokurakino Cluster

Stanislav Steshenko


Kharkiv State Agrarian Dokuchaev University (Kharkiv) – crop growing.

Experience: management of production (cereal crops, technical crops, feeding crops, vegetables), development of agro-technical measures aimed at improving soil fertility and increase crop yields; overseeing the preparation of seeds and planting material.

Industries: agriculture, crop growing.

Head of Rivne cluster

Yevhen Movchan

Head Of Chernihiv Claster

Shkytiuk Valentyn

Education: Ukrainian Agricultural Academy (Kyiv) - agronomist, economist.
Experience: More than 25 years of experience in agriculture, management of agricultural production in the area of 30000 hectares with elements of precision farming that aimed at increasing yields at reduced cost.
Industries:  Agriculture, crop growing.


Head of the Department of production and development

Taras Kornienko

Education: Bilotserkivsky State Agrarian University - agronomist.
Experience: Management of agricultural production on the areas of up to 120 000 ha, management of commercial activities of agricultural enterprises.
Branches: Crop production, transport service.