Our vision and values

Our vision

Agricom Group is the Ukrainian agro-industrial group that is specialized in production, development and distribution of grain-based food products.

Agricom Group is a dynamically developing Ukrainian Company that is committed to the development of modern business processes and the application of the best management practices. The basis of our success is people, efficiency and the latest technologies.

Our values

Loyalty and respect means the capability to recognize the rights of another person, to understand and to feel his interests, specific of his belief and motivations. The mutual understanding that is the key factor for building team work appears on the basis of loyalty and respect. Only in respect to each other the vector for the unity and development may be found.

Innovations. Use of new tools and processes enables to be innovators and to enter upon the way of innovations. The innovations give us the opportunity to work more quickly, more accurately and more effectively.

Trust is the criterion that measures the professionalism. Our activities are based on honesty, transparency and fairness. We feel sure of each other and are striving for the success.

Unity. The unity sprouts only in mutual trust. Our unity is based on common goals, values and standards of work. The unity is the must for achieving the best results.

Development. The complexity of experience and knowledge of each our employee creates the common potential for the company development. The work on improvement and individualization of ideas is the basis for our further progress. We understand that the development gives us the possibility to make closer something that seems impossible today, if to work as a single team, respecting and trusting each other.